Chapter III. Starting Over

Like the ever-changing seasons, life does not stay stagnant.

Almost nothing is permanent.

The initial phase was the toughest, agony the dilemma and the desire – all rushing in waves, pulling me deeper and drowning me. As I drifted in the water, I found peace with whatever struggle I had. When the numb starts to fade and I start to feel, I push against the roaring tides and towards the shore.

Months before I could see the outline of the shore, and many more days before I could navigate my way through the unyielding ocean. The arduous ‘swim’ was rather unforgiving, wrong turns and desperation were constantly thrown in my way.

So my mistakes were made before I could part away from the deep dark ocean.

Here I stand above the shore, I reckon that the journey I endured was one that had shaped me to be braver and stronger.

For that, I will never regret all these experiences, for it is through this I grow.

Hence, I dedicate this chapter to healing, to time and most importantly

– To Me.

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